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INTERSOM after its formation in November 2004 as a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political had the intention of facilitating relief and development services in restructuring the defunct and collapse aspects of livelihoods amongst the marginalized and vulnerable groups in SC regions whom their breadbasket have been affected. The organization founders have the aim of mitigating the effects of both man-made and natural catastrophe such as war, drought, famine, poor livelihoods and end all humanitarian related circumstances, crisis and sufferings while also accelerate positive change and development with the local culture, customary and context.

The name was given to the organization to represent the founding principles that guided its conception and represents the historical and geographical source for many vulnerable & marginalized, and exemplify the power, wisdom and persistence that we hope to instill within the target groups in the local community. The organization has a board of Directors consisting of seven members who normally play the following role and responsibilities:

• Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose

• Monitor and scrutinize the Executive’s day-to day activities

• Support the Executive and Review his or her Performance

• Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

• Ensure Adequate Resources

• Management of organizational resources Effectively

• Determine and Monitor the Organization’s Programs and Services

• Enhance the Organization’s Public Image

• Serve as a Court of Appeal

• Assess the organizational own Performance
The BOD conducts quarterly meeting to discuss on the way forward and identify the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for necessary amendments. The main office carries out all administrative issues regarding the field operations. INTERSOM is legally registered with the federal government, local authorities at regional level and district level especially in the areas of operations.

The program implementation of the Organization has been planned to begin in Southern and Central Somalia and extend our operation further depending on our capacity and resources availability.


Healthcare for mothers and children


Enable communities in South and Central Somalia to become empowered by strengthening individuals to be effective agents of change in achieving both immediate and lasting impacts in their lives.


To establish a self-reliant and equitable society where everybody attains the right to survival, protection and participation.

Goals of intersom

Promote socio-economic status of vulnerable community’s livelihoods sustainability and empowerment through accessibility to primary services, resource management &self-reliance.


Our partnership for community development support

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