Rapid Flood Assessment Baladweyne District, Hiran Region

Rapid Flood Assessment Baladweyne District, Hiran Region

INTERSOM Baladweyne team in close collaboration with the relevant community and local authority carries out a rapid assessment to find out the actual needs on the ground in various sectors such as WASH, Health, NFI, Food Security, and Protection risks for children and women affected by the recent river floods. Over the past week Baladweyne town and its surrounding villages, have witnessed widespread and devastating of farms and household assets such as utensils, cooking pots, and sleeping mats.

During the course of the rapid assessment, the INTERSOM team in Beledweyne observed widespread devastated farms, public infrastructure, and other livelihood assets. The floods have caused severe damage to key markets placed eastward and westward of the Baladweyne district. It is estimated that a total of 201,438 HHs to have been displaced since 9th May 2023 in Baladweyne town. Most of the affected people were displaced either on the northward villages such as Hiran Bile, Bananey, Xayndab, ShiirKaneeco, and Ceelgaal, as well as on the southwestward villages including Burjada Ciinta, Ceelka Baar, Barmajabaley, Wadajir, Dabeyl, Qarsooni and Burfiiq.

Most of the assessed flood affected communities displaced in some parts of Baladweyne villages, so far not received adequate assistance from national and international communities. FGDs the communities indicated that a severe lack of shelter, NFI, food, water, latrines and medical care.


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